Zippy's House of Fun: 54 Months of Sundays by Bill Griffith

Zippy's House of Fun: 54 Months of Sundays

Bill Griffith
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"Zippy's House of Fun" represents the zenith of Bill Griffith's success. Since 1970 when Zippy the Pinhead made his debut in a comic book called "Real Pulp" (the assignment was to write a "really weird love story"), he has evolved into a syndicated strip in more than 200 newspapers. In the book's introduction, Griffith writes that it "does not compute" for his irreverent, anti- establishment cartoon strip (a pinhead is a circus sideshow term for what is medically known as a microcephalic, or "small-skulled" person) to live next door to "Hi and Lois!" and "Blondie". He enjoys the success just the same. Zippy has become such an icon that his signature "Are we having fun yet?" has found its way into "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations". This 112-page deluxe hardcover collection contains syndicated Sunday comic strips from May 1990 through late 1994. The images have been printed in actual newspaper size from the original negatives, and the color quality is fabulous.