What's Your Poison?: Addictive Advertising Of The '40s - '60s by Kirven Blount

What's Your Poison?: Addictive Advertising Of The '40s - '60s

Kirven Blount
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Long before lawsuits and warning labels, cigarettes and alcohol were advertised as part of a healthy way of life. From celebrity endorsements to doctor recommendations, an ill-informed nation zealously responded to persuasive advertising. To ensure that these vices were considered social necessities, liquor, beer, and cigarette companies made sure every possible market was reached through provocative print campaigns. WHAT'S YOUR POISON? is a rose-colored retrospective of the addictive advertisements that hooked a generation. Shocking by today's standards, these printed messages demonstrate the innocence and ignorance of drinking and smoking's golden age. A visual blast from the past, WHAT'S YOUR POISON? proves that we truly have come a long way, baby.