Watchers by Dean Koontz


Dean Koontz
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I am not much of a reader, but Watchers was a book I could not put down. The suspense never stops. This book is impossible not to read because the plot is very exciting and interesting. The characters are very believable. Another reason this book is so awesome is that this book gets you so involved that it seems like everything could really happen. \nI love the way that Dean Koontz describes the emotions of both animals and humans. The whole book is a maze of adventures that leads you to one horrifying discovery. That has to end with the death of someone. In this book something is trying to kill Travis Cornell (the main character) and a genetically engineered dog that he found. The creature that is trying to get them has no mercy, so Travis has no mercy for it, but at the end Dean actually makes you pity the mounstrous animal. Read this book and you will love it.