The Rolling Stones Complete Discography by Alan Clayson

The Rolling Stones Complete Discography

Alan Clayson
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The Rolling Stones formed in 1961 by recording early singles covering rhythm and blues standards. They released their first album, The Rolling Stones in 1964, and have continued to tour and record ever since. This book is the first complete discography in over a decade and details the Stones' 49 albums, 66 chart-ranking singles, early EPs and all the B-sides including live takes, studio recordings, recent remixes, and compilations. Included with each entry are reproductions of all album covers, singles sleeves, release dates, composer credits, timing and comments—critical information needed to understand a band that has featured a changing cast of members around the lasting core of Mick Jagger and Keith Richard. This discography is the most comprehensive guide to the Stones' output ever published in one volume—a browsable and compelling reference to an enduring force in pop culture.