The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books: Gabrielle Fox by Gabrielle Fox

The Essential Guide to Making Handmade Books: Gabrielle Fox

Gabrielle Fox
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This book makes even a defiantly non-crafty person like me want to plunge right in. I love books and intriguing treatments. This book offers the support needed to turn wishes into finished projects. The range of possibilities covered is broad enough to appeal to many different tastes. The Jacob's Ladder book is lots of fun, as the star book. The accordion album is a very attractive and manageable project and one of the most useful. This book covers basics like pamphlet binding, portfolios and slipcases. The instructions are clearly written and are supported by excellent photographs that really make it easy to understand what's supposed to be happening. And the Gallery of Ideas -- photos and descriptions of additional, more elaborate variations of each project -- get your mind cranking with the possibilities. Yummy. An excellent book -- not just for the bookmaking crowd, but useful for teachers also. This summer, my daughter attended a camp where they wrote poetry in the afternoon and learned bookmaking (much of it based on this book) in the afternoons, and the kids loved it.