Tamara De Lempicka: 1898-1980 by Tamara De Lempicka Gilles Neret

Tamara De Lempicka: 1898-1980

Tamara De Lempicka Gilles Neret
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If you are intrigued by the art work of Tamara de Lempicka and want to find out more about the artist, this is a great place to start. Her art is displayed in many, large-format color prints which appear throughout the book accompanied by comments on her education and dedication to her art. Tamara, the woman, is revealed as a passionate participant in the creative soup of pre-WWII Europe. Her life, her loves and the society in which she moved become the backdrop for the work of this reknown artist. I felt as if I knew her better when I finished the book and wanted to rush to the nearest gallery or museum to view her work in the original.