Shifting Tides: Cuban Photography After the Revolution by Tim B. Wride

Shifting Tides: Cuban Photography After the Revolution

Tim B. Wride
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Almost everyone is familiar with Korda's intense 1960 portrait of Che Guevara, an image that has come to represent revolution itself. But what happened in Cuba after that famous photograph? A great deal, as evidenced by the moving photographs in both this book and its accompanying exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. They flow around contemporary themes such as the everyday hero, collective memory, and siting the self, marking Cuba as both the mythical place in Wim Wenders's "Buena Vista Social Club" and a surreal place where four decades seem to overlap. Because most of these striking photographs are black and white, a more expensively printed book would have done them more justice--but the cover price is low, so accessibility seems to have won in this case. Regardless, anyone interested in Cuban culture or Latin American photography would find this book a great resource. "--Juliette Cezzar"