Puerto Vallarta Squeeze by Robert James Waller

Puerto Vallarta Squeeze

Robert James Waller
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On vaction in Sayulita Mexico. Being in Mexico, just north of Puerto Vallarta, I had to read this one. Even though it was by Robert James Waller who, after Bridges of Madison County, I swore to never read! Amazon's review concludes with:\nThese characters are flatter than cardboard, their situation is extremely unconvincing and the book is singularly devoid of suspense. But these weaknesses are nothing compared to the prose, which reads like an illiterate's imitation of Hemingway. Even the faithful may want to think twice about this one.\nGood thing I was in Mexico and well away from any sort of connectivity when I read this one. It was an enjoyable beach read that I finished in an afternoon. Expecting Bridges kind of sappy chick flick writing, I was happily surprised when the main character is an ex-marine who is now a free lance hit man. While I must agree with the Amazon reviewer's comment about flat characters and an unconvincing situation, the book did deliver what I wanted in that place at that time: An entertaining read set in and around where I was at the time. The descriptions of downtown, latenight Puerto Vallarta were engaging enough to get me to leave our quaint little town early on the last day to spend some time exploring PV. My friend Chris McQuarie wrote a movie script about a sniper and got me interested in the ways of snipers. The portrayal of the Clayton Price, the ex-marine sniper, as a practiced, disciplined loner was interesting to compare to the characters I had read about in Chris's script. The lone sniper being pulled out of his seclusion by a seductive Mexican maiden, Luz, was at times hard to believe and not very convincingly written. But I wasn't looking to be convinced of the ability of such a guy to love. Or of her former boyfriend to mess it up along the way. \nWhat I was looking for was an easy beach read with guns and some local color from Puerto Vallarta. I got just that.