Practical Astronomer by Brian Jones

Practical Astronomer

Brian Jones
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\n From planets and asteroids to the expanding universe, "The Practical Astronomer" is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of astronomy. \n It not only shows you "what" to look for throughout the whole yearly cycle of the sky, but exactly "how" to go about looking for it. Based on the latest findings in astronomical research, the book explains the practical keys to successful observation -- whether you are observing with the naked eye, binoculars, or a telescope. \n This unique and indispensable guide will help you make the most of this fascinating hobby. Contents include: \n The Solar System\n The Milky Way\n The Expanding Universe\n Binoculars and Telescopes\n Making a Telescope\n Astrophotography\n Drawing at the Telescope\n Equipping an Amateur Observatory\n Guide to the Moon\n Observing the Sun\n Planets and Asteroids\n Gas Giants, Comets, Meteors and Meteorites\n Artificial Satellites \n With more than 275 photographs and diagrams, including month-by-month sky-search charts.