Paris in a Basket: Markets : The Food and the People by Amanda Pilar Smith Nicolle Aimee Meyer

Paris in a Basket: Markets : The Food and the People

Amanda Pilar Smith Nicolle Aimee Meyer
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"Paris in a Basket" is the first in a series of books dedicated to exploring the food markets of the world. Entertaining as well as informative, this attractive hardcover book guides the reader through the over 80 food markets of Paris. Written and photographed by two young American women, "Paris in a Basket" is a complete and novel tour that brings to exuberant life the authentic market culture, traditions, and lifestyle that bewitch every food lover and traveler visiting this magnificent city. \nOver 400 vivid photographs illustrate the colors and sights and a fresh and personal narrative captures the unique atmosphere of each and every market and the different areas of Paris. Punctuated with historical tidbits and charming anecdotes, in addition to 65 of the vendors favorite recipes, there are insightful portraits, helpful cooking tips, practical maps and charts, and the addresses of tempting bakeries, mouthwatering specialty shops, neighborhood restaurants, local cafs, and hidden places of interest. \nThe world renowned chef Paul Bocuse, who shares with the authors a passion for open-air markets, has written the foreword to "Paris in a Basket".