Mexico City by Kal Muller Andrew Coe

Mexico City

Kal Muller Andrew Coe
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Mexico City has been the capital of Latin America for over half a millennium, and in the lime of the Aztecs it was one of the wonders of the world, a shining, white city that housed the hub of a great empire. Framed in clear air against snow-capped volcanoes, Mexico City's palaces and churches appeared to 19th-century travelers as one of the most beautiful sights on earth. Although its beauty today is overlaid with ecological problems, including pollution and overcrowding, just beneath the grime is a vibrant and colorful culture--one of the most inventive and persistent in the New World--that can trace its roots directly back to its glorious Indian ancestors. This lavishly illustrated guide includes practical information the traveler requires, an insight into the region's history and culture, as well as providing the reader with a dizzying view of Mexico City and its environs. \n* A new and extensively revised second edition of a popular guide \n* Indispensable practical information for the traveler \n* Exceptionally fine color photography and easy-to-follow maps \n* Literary excerpts and sidebars illuminate the local culture and history \n* In-depth observation by an experienced author who knows the city intimately \n* Excerpts from authors such as Jack Kerouac, Luis Bunel and Hernando Cortes \n* Excellent reading for the business, armchair, group or individual traveler