Let's Go Bowling! by Eric Dregni

Let's Go Bowling!

Eric Dregni
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From The Honeymooners to The Big Lebowski, from The Flintstones to Ed, bowling has rolled right down the middle of American culture like no sport—or even pastime—in the nation’s postwar history. This entertaining, illustrated history illuminates the place that bowling holds in the heart of America, as well as its loftier antecedents and the high-kitsch status all things bowling have recently attained. \nLet's Go Bowling! opens a wide cultural angle on the sport, from its alleged origins in ancient Egypt to its move to the United States (and indoors), from its starring role in TV, movies, and music over the past 50 years to the design and architecture of bowling alleys; from the social aspect of the pastime to the heights (and depths) of bowling fashion—the disinfected, two-tone shoes; the multicolored shirts with embroidered names, the glittering custom balls with matching bags. In colorful sidebars, readers will find a primer on bowling etiquette, a brief history of the world’s oldest bowling alley, and more.