Let's Go 2008 France by Let's Go Inc.

Let's Go 2008 France

Let's Go Inc.
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Packed with travel information, including listings, deals, and insider tips: CANDID LISTINGS of hundreds of places to eat, sleep, drink, and feel like a local. RELIABLE MAPS to get you around major cities and smaller towns, from Paris to the Pyrenees. INSIDER TIPS on saving major euro on everything from "café au lait" to a train to Marseille. EXPERT ADVICE on enjoying France’s treasures: cheese, wine, and châteaux. NIGHTLIFE COVERAGE from the most exclusive Parisian clubs to an authentic Breton bar set in stone. OPPORTUNITIES for making your own perfume in Grasse or your own mustard in Dijon. ITINERARIES to explore the Châteaux of the Loire Valley or the snowy peaks of the Alps.