Henry Miller: The Paris Years by Brassai

Henry Miller: The Paris Years

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His years in Paris (1930-39) were the making of Henry Miller. He arrived with no money, no fixed address, and no prospects. He left as the renowned if notorious author of Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. \n Miller didn't just live in Paris, he devoured it, especially the lurid back alleys and shabby-chic dens of iniquity. It was a world he shared with Brassa*, whose work, first collected in Paris by Night, established him as one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century and the most exquisite and \nperceptive chronicler of Parisian vice. \n In Miller, Brassa* found his most compelling subject. Using unpublished letters, recollected conversations, and references to Miller's work-and featuring sixteen unforgettable examples of Brassa*'s photography-Henry Miller: The Paris Years is an intimate account of a writer's self-discovery, seen through the unblinking eye of a master photographer. Brassa* delves into Miller's relationships with Ana*s Nin and Lawrence Durrell, as well as his \nhopelessly tangled though wildly inspiring marriage to June. Most of all, Brassa* evokes their shared passion for the street life of the City of Light, captured in a dazzling moment of illumination.