Eyewitness Atlas of the World by David Green

Eyewitness Atlas of the World

David Green
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As we approach the dawn of a new millennium, we are witnessing a period of dramatic environmental, political, and social change to the structure and shape of our world. the time has come for a new way of representing our knowledge and understanding of the Earth. Using innovative computer technology and the latest cartographic data, The Eyewitness Atlas of the World provides an amazingly fresh view of our home planet. Its unique three-dimensional maps, created from a computerized terrain model of the globe, have a clarity and accuracy never before seen in print. Each of the continents is introduced with ah stunning physical map giving an overview of its geography, vegetation, and climate, while more than 50 superbly detailed large-scale maps focus on the world's countries, mapping their rivers, mountains, lakes, roads, and main cities. Over 1,000 photographs, diagrams, and artworks help to capture the particular flavor of each region and its people, illustrating everything from historic buildings to local food and from dramatic landscapes to traditional clothes. The unique combination of high-quality mapping, beautiful images, and informative text is a brand-new way of presenting geographical information for use both at home and at school. The Eyewitness Atlas of the World uses the same high standards of presentation that helped the best-selling Eyewitness books to win design rewards all over the world and to create a new standard in reference publishing.