Corn: A Country Garden Cookbook  by David Tanis

Corn: A Country Garden Cookbook

David Tanis
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`Fresh corn is much more than just an indispensable staple', and is shown in this book of 96 shiny, high quality pages, split over 3 main chapters:-\n\nOpeners\nAccompaniments\nMain Courses\n\nsandwiched between an introduction, a glossary, metric conversion tables and a full index.\n\nThe introduction begins:-\n`Its scientific name is `Zea mays'. We North Americans call it corn, a habit that can be traced to a time when the English-speaking world referred to any grain or kernel as `corn', e.g.:-\n\n`Corn on the Cob`\nAlthough eating fresh corn, boiled briefly, devoured joyfully with butter, and salt, is an American ritual, here are some other options for corn on the cob for those willing to break with tradition.\nThen follows alternatives i.e. Mexican-style, Mediterranean-style, Grilling with flavoured butters.' \n\nRecipes are well written with a clear list of ingredients and the method. Each has a relevant opening note.\n\nBeautiful photography throughout with a large percentage showing the dishes.\nRecipes include:-\n\nSpicy Bombay Popcorn\nWhite Corn and Roasted Pepper Soup\nSavoury Corn Custard\nHushpuppies\nSkillet Corn Bread\nVegetable Fritters\nCorn & Potato Gratin with Thyme and Sage\nBasic Polenta\nSpontaneous Succotash\nFresh Corn and Corn Bread Stuffing\nYucatan Baked Fish in Banana Leaves with Corn, Rice and Black Beans\nPosole\nFettucine with Corn, Squash and Squash Blossoms\n\n