Atlas routiers : Paris pratique par arrondissement by Atlas Indispensable

Atlas routiers : Paris pratique par arrondissement

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While reviewing Paris maps for my book Markets of Paris, I looked at a dozen or more products in American bookshops, French bookshops, kiosks in railroad stations, street kiosks, etc. This is by far the most useful, convenient, and long-lived map of Paris in my possession. I carry a 1997 version when I'm in Paris, and take a fold-out version that is larger scale and not broken up by arrondissements as is the pocket version. I can't recommend this map more highly, especially when compared by that old dog (whose title I shall omit) that has far more information than you want or need to carry in your handbag or pocket all day, whose small type is hard to read, and which is poorly organized in comparison with Paris Pratique.