Absence of Light, An by David Lindsey

Absence of Light, An

David Lindsey
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This book is classic Lindsey, it's fast paced and a taunt thriller. I am a huge fan of his work and even though, I would not say this is his best work, it is still better than the best work of Cornwell or Connelly. David Lindsey is a master of the thriller, I know of no writer today who can pace a thriller better than Lindsey, I can assure you that if you read this book you will want to read all his other books, he is consistantly good, which is notable for a writer of thrillers. I have read all of his books and periodically go back and reread them. I enjoy most of Patrica Cornwell's Scarpetta books and I like Grisham and Connelly, but Lindsey is in another league altogether. If you love the thriller and relish great writing then you will not be disappointed in this book. Though I recommend all of Mr. Lindsey's books, my favorites are A Cold Mind, Mercy, Requiem for a Glass Heart, In the Lake of the Moon, and Face of the Assassin.